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Why to rent a villa?

Villas are luxury, private residences that are made available to vacation travelers. Our villas range from 1-10 bedrooms and offer additional space such as living rooms, dining rooms, fully-equipped kitchens, and outdoor areas including verandas and pools. They are usually equipped with amenities and a dedicated staff to cater to your specific needs. Luxury villas are often more economical for traveling families and couples. 

  • Personalized attention and service from an experienced concierge 
  • Superb value – you spend less and receive more
  • More space and privacy
  • Great for all occasions, from big group gatherings to an intimate getaway
  • Allows you to create a unique and customized experience based on your needs
  • Many different options – hundreds of villas from which to choose
  • Not a timeshare or fractional ownership – not membership fees 

What is the cost to rent a villa?

There are villas for every budget. We offer secluded villas starting from around $300/nt, to $5,000/nt and have everything in between.

Is there a minimum night stay?

Yes, depending on the villa. 

Are the villas equipped with air-conditioning?

That depends on the location and the time of year you are renting the villa. Some villas may have central air while others cool just the bedrooms. Please refer to the appropriate villa page for exact information. 

Are there any restrictions regarding children?

That depends on the unique villa owner and its location; if the villa is situated on a cliff, for example, or is filled with breakables. Some owners may place age restrictions or ask for liability waivers. Please refer to the appropriate villa page for exact information. 

Can we have a courtesy hold?

Yes, we offer courtesy holds of 48 hours with no financial obligations. 

Are there weekly rates?

Most of all our rates are pro-rated on a nightly basis and some properties offer weekly rates and seasonal rates. Please ask our Guest Services representative. 

Can we hire a cook while we are there?

Most of our villas have the option of adding cook services where none are included; costs vary by villa. 

Is it possible to add additional guests later?

Yes, if there is sufficient room. All villas have a maximum guest capacity. As long as you don't exceed this capacity, your guests are welcome. 

Can we hire a cook while we are there?

Most of our villas have the option of adding cook services where none are included; costs vary by destination. 

Is the pool shared with other guests?

The vast majority of our villas have their own private pools. Occasionally, some may be shared with other guests in small villa communities. 

How far is the beach? Walking distance?

That depends on the villa. The beach may be private and right outside your door, a short drive away, or a short walk. Also, some resort's private beach are very close to most of the villas in the resort. Golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation to get around the resort. 

Is there any night life? How far away?

That depends on the villa and its location. Some villas are fairly secluded from the action, with the intent on providing maximum privacy. Some resorts boasts with some of the best restaurants and bars in the island. These are spread out within the resorts. Ask our Guest Services about activities both in the resorts and off-grounds in the city of the different destinations in the Dominican Republic. 

Who would be our contact for anything we may need while we are there?

Our Concierge Services. Is a villa a good idea for a honeymoon?

It's an exceptional idea and a great value. Villas are private and spacious and most come with private pools and hot tubs or Jacuzzis. Many of our listings are incredibly romantic and offer packages and reduced rates for 2 persons or Honeymooners. 

What the different is between choosing to rent one of VillaLuxeDR villa over five-star resorts?

Instead of a 400-square-foot room, you’re getting a 4,000-square-foot luxury home all to yourself, with many of the same services. It’s a different vacation experience. It provides more privacy than a hotel and, in many ways, a more authentic travel experience too. People can feel like they are actually living in that destination. 

Aren't villas more expensive than a hotel?

As you explore the villas we represent, you'll see that many villas are often much less than prices at hotels of the same quality standard. When you factor in all the benefits and amenities of a private villa, you'll quickly realize that villas offer a superb value. For example, three rooms at a high-end hotel may run you $690/night per room, while one 3-bedroom luxury villa with the same amenities and services could cost you $990/night. A savings of $1,080/night! 

Do you have any villa suggestions/recommendations?

Please visit our main page to see some of our featured villas. You can also sign up to our monthly newsletter to keep up to date on new properties and hot destinations. Our villa specialists are also always available to make recommendations based on your specific needs. 

Are cribs available to rent?

Yes. Local agencies can provide baby gear to put in your villa where necessary, and our concierge service is happy to make those arrangements. 

Is the price of the unit per person?

No, all the villa prices are for the entire villa; however, parties, weddings or large gatherings require written permission. Rates per night may be listed by bedroom, only as an offer of savings for you; the unoccupied rooms are never rented out to other guests. Villas may not be occupied by more guests than specified in the rental agreement. 

What are some extra expenses (e.g. travel from airport to villa)?

The villa rental does not include food costs, transportation, activities, tax or gratuities. 

Is there vacation insurance to cover costs in case of bad weather?

No. Refunds are only given if the villa is rendered unlivable or if there are restrictions of entry. 

How do I arrange for transportation?

We offer our clients a full concierge service, which can assist you in any way possible. Generally, transportation to and from the airport is available and arranged by the Concierge Services before you travel. 

How are groceries obtained?

Villa pantries can be pre-stocked with a list you provide before arrival. Most villas have grocery stores nearby for pre-stocking and the villa's staffs, where applicable, often provides the shopping service. 

Do you offer discounted weekly rates?

Discounts are at the discretion of the property owner and we will advertise when they are being offered. Contact us for information on weekly rates and the villas that offer them. 

How much privacy will we have around the property?

Most of our properties are as secluded and private as your own home, often with land or vegetation providing a buffer. Some resort community villas may be attached, but remain private units for you and your guests only. Some villas have fences all around and gates. It really depends on the villa. 

Who cleans the villa? Is the maid included?

Some of our villas have a maid included in the price listed, and frequency depends on the individual properties; please check the villa pages for all the details. 

Do you have any villa suggestions (e.g. where we can play golf)?

Please visit the appropriate villa pages for all information concerning the different activities offered in the area. Some villas have access to golf courses and others are located right on the golf courses. A villa specialist can also suggest a number of villas suitable for the kind of holiday you're looking for. 

Is there Internet access?

Most of our villas have Internet access; connection speed, costs and equipment available varies. Please visit the appropriate villa page for all information. 

Is there satellite TV?

No. All villas have cable TV.

Can you send me a brochure?

Please ask one of our villa specialists for a complete PDF format brochure. Hard copies may also be available depending on the season, though all villas aren't included. The best way to view our entire collection of villas is online. 

Will it be possible to plan our wedding ceremony or renew our wedding vows? Can you help with arrangements?

Wedding ceremonies are possible depending on the villa and the location. We can have one of our wedding coordinator get in contact with you to organize the details. 



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