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What is a Villa Rental?

Villa Rental Process

Some travelers find the villa rental process confusing or scary, when it is anything but! Here, we answer some of your most common questions and concerns about renting villas, from how to find the perfect property to the amenities you can expect every villa to have.

  • Browse VillasLuxeDR.com and then send a request online


  • Call our toll free line and let one of our villa specialists help you with your selection -
  • Our villa specialist will review availability, answer your questions and discuss the best options for your trip. -
  • A rental contract is issued and we will ask for a deposit to secure your vacation dates, since villas work on a first-come, first-served basis. -
  • Once the villa has been secured, our Concierge Services will assist with any arrangements you need – from car rentals and provisioning to private chef services.
  • A final document is presented prior to arrival to confirm everything that has been arranged, plus to provide all the contact info you'll need on site.
  • When you arrive, there will be someone to pick you up or point you in the right direction.
  • Once at the villa, you're handed the keys, given a short tour and then left to enjoy your vacation! 


Villa Basics

What is a Villa?

Do you want a hassle-free vacation from start to finish? Villa rentals combine all the best parts of your favorite holidays and a world of destination options with a human element that no other type of accommodation can match. We like to say that after you've tried a villa rental holiday, going back to hotels just isn't an option. 

Here's what they're all about: 

Villas aren't timeshares; they've got nothing to do with destination clubs and they involve no long-term commitments. These homes are luxurious private residences made available by their owners as holiday accommodations. You can rent a villa at any time of the year, for a week or two or even longer—no fixed dates, no blackout periods dictating when and where you can go to relax. They're also not reserved just for the rich and famous with big celebrity budgets. Villa rates vary depending on the number of guests, but there is always just one price to split between everyone. That includes the house, all of its amenities, and dedicated staff in some cases. With several families or couples traveling together, even the most luxurious villas can be a more economical option than hotels. 

Villas of all sizes are scattered across the Dominican Republic hottest destinations, so finding the right one is never a problem, wherever you want to go. Stay on a seaview in Casa de Campo overlooking the Caribbean Sea, a villa sitting beachfront in Punta Cana, or at the exquisite golfview, featuring breath-taking views of the Caribbean Sea. Absolutely every kind of traveler can find a villa that's suited just perfectly for them.

How Do I Rent a Villa?

Renting a villa starts with a simple request for information. You can call us from the beginning, or use the website. On every villa webpage, you'll notice a button where you give as much, or as little, detail as you'd like about your travel plans. Using the forms doesn't mean you've booked or committed to anything – it's just a jumping off point to tell us about your interests. We take it from there, assigning a villa specialist to guide you through in selecting the best villa based on your needs and travel dates. But choosing your villa is just the beginning. If you decide to book a property, villa holidays let you customize your vacation experience with extra services and tailor-made staffing. Have a snorkeling tour in Punta Cana or tee-times at Casa de Campo best golf courses organized in advance. Even have all your favorite foods stocked in the fridge and a few special gourmet dinners catered on nights of your choice. That's all part of the complimentary concierge service offered by Villas Luxe DR. When you arrive, we let you know exactly how to get to the property or who is going to be at the airport to meet you. Either a manager or house book will be there to guide you through the villa's unique ins and outs. A Villas Luxe DR representative is also just a phone call away if you ever need anything.

Finally, Villas Luxe DR works with you after you've returned home to settle any outstanding orders of business (i.e. returning your security deposit). We're also happy to receive photos from your trip. Seeing the happy fruits of our labor is the best part of this business! From start to finish, renting a villa is an easy, enjoyable process.