About Las Terrenas

Beautiful fisher village, located in the Northeast Coast. The Samaná Peninsula is the most prominent geographic region of the Dominican Republic. In the Northern part of the Peninsula is the small town of Las Terrenas, whose sandy roads embrace the calm water beaches. French nationals and other Europeans have built an international community here. Over the years, just steps from the beach, they have developed many small inns and restaurants with a distinctive European flair. Much of the Samaná Peninsula remains wild and sparsely populated. Visitors can explore pristine patches of tropical jungle and bathe in bubbling unpolluted rivers. This is true paradise! Las Terrenas and its typical French touch has become undisputedly the best place for having fun, because it is here that you will find the most exotic beaches of the island, Playa Bonita, or the magical Playa Coson among others. The beaches stretch for as far as your eyes can see. Las Terrenas town. Lots of shops feature all sort of beach wear and gear. Great supermarket in town, restaurants, delicious pate and pastry shops, reflecting the European influence.




No vacation is complete without utilizing the most of the sports and activities offered on vacation. Although this destination itself does not offer any golf resorts, if you are feeling the itch to hit a ball, the Cabrera golf courses is only a drive away .Active vacationers should not be discouraged because Las Terrenas as a vacation spot is known to be an adventurers haven. Please make your reservation through our Concierge Services. For more details, please go to Golf Courses in Cabrera.

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The Luxury Las Terrenas Amenities

Beach – Spa – Dining – International Airport – Excursions




Las Terrenas boasts a gorgeous setting with 19 miles of stunning beaches surrounded by steep green hills carpeted in palm trees. It attracted tourists, who came to relax on the untamed beaches in the area like Playa Bonita (fun waves), Coson (fun waves, can be rough), Las Terrenas, El Portillo and Playa Popy (always tranquil waters). Life here is all about the beaches. You can walk for miles on the sand. Each beach offers something different...a little rocky island in the middle of a bay, a long sweep of soft white sand, and a fringe of coconut palms.



A very important part of Las Terrenas is to have a great dining experience from the moment you step in the door. With a varied selection of dishes your palate will enjoy exquisite flavors and sensations. To properly end a day of pure fun, you have to stop the different restaurants. For information please make your reservation through your Concierge Service.


Melt in the hands of our gifted international team as they apply their patented holistic techniques and unique philosophy to rejuvenating your mind and body. You have not experienced Dominican Republic until you indulge into a private spa treatment in the privacy of your own villa while listening to the sound of the waves crashing. For information please make your reservation through our Concierge Services.

International Airport

Santo Domingo Las Americas International airport, Punta Cana International airport & Puerto Plata International airport and the new El Catey/Samana International airport serve the country. Internal flights from Punta Cana & Santo Domingo arrive at Las Terrenas's El Portillo airport. As an alternative, guests may fly directly to their villa by helicopter or arriving by car can now use the new Samana highway. For your next Dominican Republic vacation, avoid busy commercial terminals and travel in style aboard one of our state-of-the art jets. A private jet charter offers you unparalleled flexibility, luxury and comfort. For more details, please go to Private Jet Charter to the Dominican Republic.

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Las Terrenas offers numerous excursions and tours that allow you to make the most of everything the island has to offer from a variety of excursions by boat, on horseback, on foot, quad bike, bicycle and much more; fill your vacation with excitement and adventure. For more details, please go to Excursions Las Terrenas.

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